Gratis eBook voor de sigarenliefhebber

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Gratis eBook voor de sigarenliefhebber

Bericht door Janno » 10 mei 2017 11:22

Voor de liefhebbers van sigaren en van de geschiedenis van tabak. Via onderstaande link kun je gratis (of voor wat de gek ervoor wil geven) het eBook downloaden 'The Cigar Story: How is All Started' van MJ Matson.

Een korte beschrijving:

“If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.” – Mark Twain

Cigars have been around forever, and the love of a good smoke is shared by celebrities and everyday people all over the world. For most people, they are an occasional luxury to be enjoyed at a special event. For others, they’re a simple exercise in quiet enjoyment and meditation. But the story of how the cigar became the luxury it is today a is far from simple. Get the full tale with The Cigar Story-How it All Started by MJ Mattson. This short book about cigars has all the background you need, but it isn’t just a history, it’s a guide to getting the best out of your stogies.

You get:

• The history of cigars from ancient Mayans to modern Cubans

• A guide to cigar types, wrappers, and more

• How cigars are made from curing to rolling

• How to cut, light and smoke a cigar

• Pro tips on getting the best flavor while smoking

• Secrets to judging cigar quality by its ash

• Expert advice for pairing your cigar with spirits or coffee

• How to choose the right humidor

• Fascinating stories of celebrities and their love of a good cigar

Whether your smoking habit rivals Winston Churchill's, or you just occasionally enjoy a good cigar like Whoopi Goldberg, The Cigar Story-How it All Started by MJ Mattson is a great place to start!

Hier is de link: ... %20Mattson

PS Noisetrade is een leuke site waar je naast boeken vooral ook heel veel muziek kunt downloaden
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